Boris Chang is a jack of all trades and a master of, well a few. Boris has worked in television and film, was a founder and co-owner of Blue Skies Music—a small record label and recording studio in New Jersey, and is a co-founder of Cozmik Entertainment Group — a consortium of professionals involved in film and music production, live sound reinforcement, documentary research and production, live theater and much much more.

Boris has published short stories, poetry, novels and screenplays under a pseudonym. Boris is also a foodie, aficionado of fine wines, beer, cigars, international cuisines, dance, music, theater, and all forms of art. Boris plays guitar and bass, dabbles in analog synthesis, sometimes acts, and always is and always will be a philosopher in wonderland, an incurable cynic, and supporter of all who fight against ignorance and hate and any and all iniquities and inequities in the world.

Boris hails from New York, but currently makes his home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Contact Boris with any wisdom or insight, or if you hear about any art happening that’s of the mainstream grid.

Facebook: TheRealBorisChang

Twitter: @Boris_Chang


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