The Chang Scale

For reference purposes, the Chang Scale:

(0) Fail! Completely devoid of redeeming value of any kind. Junk/garbage. Recommend avoidance at all cost.

(1) Lowest passing grade. Some redeeming value, but on the whole, rather bad. Recommend you try to find something else. Substitute something similar if possible.

(2) Decent aspects to it, but overall still not quite that good. Certainly not memorable. If this is all there is, maybe go for it if you need a fix. You might like it better than I.

(3) Satisfactory. Not bad at all, but not all that good either—sort of neutral or “meh”.

(4) Quite good. Recommend you give it a try. You might love it.

(5) Excellent! I loved it and highly recommend it. Recommend you go out of your way or pay a premium for it.


About Boris Chang

Writer, filmmaker, photographer, musician, actor, philosopher, art/food advocate and critic, and incorrigible cynic. I don't hold back on my opinions. Neither should you. Visit me at Follow me on Twitter: @boris_chang Email me at Tune me in to any interesting art/music shows, exhibits, concerts, recitals, poetry/literature readings/contests, film shoots, and so on that the mainstream media may have overlooked.

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